About Our University


Seyitler Campus

Rectorship, Affiliate Units, Faculty of Forest, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science and Technology still exist in Seyitler campus which is 3 km away from the city center and it was founded on 187 acres field. Artvin Vocational School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Management and School of Physical Education and Sports which have started training services in 2019-2020 academic year, take part in two education blocks completed in 2011. Central Research Laboratory was opened in 2011 and enables scientific and educational facilities in a more comfortable and modern environment. Besides the function of research and development, it will also contribute analysis and experiences for our city. Center of Social and Cultural Facilities involving medico-social rooms, cinema, seminar hall, exhibition room, dining hall, bowling, pilates and gym exists in this campus and it was founded to meet the requirements of students and staff such as reading, resting, shopping, nutrition and health. Furniture and Decoration Application Workshop existing in this campus enables students with an opportunity to carry out their hands-on training. Indoor Sports Hall existing in this campus has nearly 3.500 m2 closed area and host sport events with 900 audience capacity. After landscaping and social reinforcements, in touch with nature Seyitler Campus will contain any institution that students need.



City (Central) Campus

Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Health Sciences and Vocational School of Health Sciences have been providing educational purposes in Central Campus that is located along Coruh River and founded on 70 acres field. Nihat Gokyigit Congress and Culture Center which hosts academic and cultural facilities, was constructed with the contributions of Mr. Nihat Gokyigit. Central library with its unique design is the symbol of the university and enables students with research and education facilities.



Hopa Campus

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Theology and Hopa Vocational School provide education in Hopa Campus which was founded in Hopa district. Astroturf and multiple purpose pitch (basketball, volleyball and tennis court) and gym are available for students. Hopa Vocational School have been providing education with Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences since 2012-2013 academic year.


Arhavi Campus

Faculty of Art and Design and Arhavi Vocational School provide education services in Arhavi Campus which is located in Arhavi district. Şavşat Vocational School which is located outside of main campuses provides education in education building in Şavşat district, Yusufeli Vocational School provides educations in its own building. Borçka Acarlar Vocational School which was constructed by Mr. Ismet Acar has been providing educational facilities since 2014-2015 academic year.




Two-year degree, undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate programs are applied in the different units (vocational school, faculty, institution) of our university. An academic year consists of 14 weeks in each term Fall and Spring. Students studying in Institute, Faculty, Vocational School have to reregister by paying tuition fee and registering for courses under their supervisions within the time specified. Artvin Coruh University has compulsory school attendance. Students who are not attended to % 20 of applied course and % 30 of theoretical courses are not allowed to take final exams. Besides language courses like English, Arabic, basic art education and courses involving technical training are arranged by Continuing Education Application and Research Centre to develop the ability, knowledge and skill of students. Orientation programs are carried out by academic units of our university to introduce the university and academic fields to new students. Summer School program is not applied in our university.



Health Care Services

A nurse and a doctor works at the unit of Health Care Services within the scope of the Head of Health Culture and Sports. As a part of emergency and immediate care, Health Care Service provides fever, pulse, blood pressure measuring, medical dressing in minor lacerations and burnt services. It is responsibility of the Health Care Service to inform 112 emergency service and sending patients to the closest healthcare organizations. Our students can make use of healthcare organizations within the scope of Ministry of Health. A psychologist works at our university to serve guide and consultancy services to our students and staff. A psychologist mentors and guides to students and staff in the fields of social problems, choices of profession problems and education and consider privacy policy, principles of his/her profession and ethics.


Nutrition Services

Lunch is given at our university refectory and meals are prepared considering balanced diet and there are four kinds of meals which are cheap and gourmet in each lunch. Besides there are alternative choices in student canteens that exist in every unit. Head of Health Culture and Sports provides food relief to students in need.


Computer and Internet Services

Our university connects the internet via ULAKBIM with Metro Ethernet. All of the units reach the internet from the same center. There are both wireless and wire internet in our university. Many computer laboratories are ready for our students to take online education. Also, a distance education class is formed for our students to take online courses from the other universities and other university students to take courses from our university.


Scholarships and Accommodation Opportunities

Students with deficiency of enough financial supports are supported by Association of Artvin Higher Education Financial Support. Also, Association of Nihat Gokyigit and Turkish Education foundation provide scholarships for students in need. It is possible for our students to work in part time jobs and be more active socially in our university. Students can work at computer departments, culture and congress center, health, social and sport institutions, laboratories, landscaping, international relations and some academic and administrative units with an insurance. The capacity of the girl and boy dormitories which are founded by Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution in Artvin is nearly 2900. The capacity of the foundation and private dormitories is nearly 1300.




Students can reach campuses with private bus services in Artvin. Bus services are continuous and students can reach campuses directly or indirectly.